What does the Similarity | Similar Items (SSI) do?

    This app extension displays a “Similar Items” widget on your store. The widget is displayed on a product page right under the product being viewed by your customer. The products in the widget will have similar characteristics to the spotlight product - both visually and on other important data points our algorithms rank for. This will help you provide your best offering to your customers thus reducing the chance of them searching elsewhere for similar products.

    What is the magic sauce - how does SSI generate recommendations?

    SSI is an AI-powered tool built on millions of data points that have been analyzed by powerful algorithms. Some of the datapoints that SSI leverages to produce accurate recommendations include the product image, title, tags and description.

    What layouts are available for this Similar Items Widget?

    The Similar Products Widget is available in horizontal layout.

    Where is the widget placed on the product info page?

    The widget shows up under the product information by default.

    Is it possible to change the position of widget?

    Yes. To change the position of the widget, please email us.

    How do I sync my products with the StyleAde app? Is it automatic?

    Yes the products will sync at 00:00 UTC time automatically everyday and you can also also synchronize them manually if you so choose.

    How often can I sync the products manually?

    You can sync the products once every 12 hours manually. If you want to sync more than that then please reach out to us and we will help you out.

    What happens in case the products are out of stock?

    Products without stock will automatically not be shown as a similar result.

    How do I preview results before going live?

    You can see all the similar products from the application admin panel results page.

    What pages are optimal for the Similar Products Widget?

    Product listing pages and product details pages are the best real estate for the Similar Products Widget. Shoppers can discover more products that are relevant to their Style Profiles based on what they are looking at.